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What is the so-called “face”? Is face valuable?

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Why do some people think face is so important? What kind of people pay more attention to their face?

we couldn’t package the moon, so we worked hard on packaging moon cakes. Every Mid Autumn Festival is like a competition. Some “outstanding figures with great innovative spirit” and “skillful women can cook with rice” try their best to renovate the packaging of moon cakes and “make outstanding contributions”. It is reported that only a few small mooncakes are contained in a finely carved nanmu and mahogany box inlaid with gold and silver! What is “buried” with the moon cakes in the box is foreign wine and jewelry necklaces that far exceed the value of the moon cakes themselves. The price of a box of moon cakes is as high as more than 5 digits! Nevertheless, it is said that there are not a few buyers who spend a lot of money to buy goods. This kind of over packaging naturally reminds us of the joke of “buying a coin and returning a pearl”. But today, if “buy and return the cake”, I think it may no longer be a joke: because the box is far more valuable than the moon cake itself, why not return the moon cake as long as the overpacked box? Confucius said: Literature wins quality, then history. Quality is better than literature. Gentle, then gentleman. It means that the content and form should be unified in order to be harmonious. However, the over packaging of some of our commodities today is exactly “literature wins quality and history” (History: vanity and falsehood). If ornaments surpass simplicity, they will be vain. Strangely, the excessive packaging of “Wensheng quality” has a big market today. People wonder: what’s the matter? The healthy meat wise man is wise to tell: This is the national condition of paying attention to face and etiquette! You don’t know that those with magnificent appearance and reputation are coveted. If you can get it, you will feel very face. Packaging is like money, which can “turn the black into white, the old into less, the ugly into beautiful, and the evil into good…” we fools suddenly feel better than reading ten years of books: no wonder the packaging and advertising bombing of commodities in today’s world can win by surprise, and the packaging and publicity of stars and their works are the same. If it is not packaged, in today’s era of whitewashed packaging, it will always feel no face when taken out, and the recipient will not feel how valuable it is. Therefore, in front of this deep-rooted “face concept”, excessive packaging seems to be a good stepping stone. It is really “packaging determines status” and “status determines price”. People can only sigh: things happen like this. If you don’t go with the tide, it’s very untimely. It’s not easy to change customs. Packaging is only the surface, and face is the key. In the final analysis, the prevalence of excessive packaging stems from our Chinese concept of face. The so-called “face” is actually the evaluation of others. Face is honor, which is connected with identity, status and role. Face is not about material benefits, but about image. Face is the so-called “face Kung Fu”. In fact, it is a kind of “impression finishing” behavior, which is deliberately done to show others in order to make others have some impression on themselves. Chinese people should not only “lose face” or “lose face”, but also “give face” and “appreciate face”. “Face” specifically adjusts the direction and degree of interpersonal relations in Chinese society. The so-called “onlookers see clearly”, some foreign people often see clearly the characteristics of the Chinese people. For example, the RAND Corporation of the United States concluded through the survey that the Chinese people are extremely concerned about “face” and “decency”, and study, work and live for their own “face” and “decency”. When face conflicts with social public welfare and justice and truth, many Chinese prefer face to public welfare and truth. Some people believe that face comes from China’s shame culture (Western civilization is a sense of guilt). Under the shame orientation, Chinese people pay special attention to face. The concept of face pervades the whole of China. Therefore, driven by the concept of “showing people” face, people will take face into account in dress, residence, car, title, office layout and so on, that is, whether they like it or not and don’t care, they should also consider what others will think of themselves. Wear famous brand, face; Drinking Maotai, saving face… It is common to spend a lot of money, give big gifts and compare consumption in order to save face. The phenomenon of ignoring the “inside” for “face” is everywhere: even if there is no more money, they insist on buying a house and a car. Some even deliberately raise their position in the eyes of others by not abiding by the law. They feel that this is superior and very face-saving. Kong Yiji stood drinking in a long shirt. Ah Q said the bench was a bench. It’s just the face of ordinary people. And what about the government’s face? Poor counties also need to ride Mercedes Benz and BMW, build magnificent office buildings, build squares and various halls, halls and buildings, and receive guests who often eat and drink in the mountains and seas. Regardless of the fact of high consumption, high pollution and low output, some officials introduced some investment projects in order to achieve political achievements and face projects. What’s more, the Chinese people have reached the point where giving or not giving “face” is used as the cognitive evaluation standard to judge the other party’s acceptance of themselves and their relationship! Sometimes face goes beyond the principle. Consumption realizes the communication function between people to some extent, so we must pay attention to face in consumption. Over packaging moon cakes is just one example. The giver, the giver, and the receiver feel that they have face. Therefore, a tacit understanding of some kind of interpersonal relationship was reached in this box of beautiful moon cakes. Mr. Lu Xun once wrote an article to analyze the problem of face. He said, “every identity has a kind of ‘face’, that is, the so-called ‘face’. This’ face ‘has a boundary. If it falls below this line, it will lose face, which is also called’ losing face ‘.” On the contrary, if you “do something beyond this line, you will ‘have face’, or ‘show face'”. No matter how far behind, even if the unequal treaty is signed and the emperor’s shelf is not lost, face will be saved. Another type is “as long as it is different from ordinary people, it is’ face ‘, and what you become can be completely ignored”. Like the “scab” on Ah Q’s head, “you don’t deserve! During the Qin Dynasty and the Han Dynasty, the bright moon still reflects the Chinese people who are very busy for face. Many things become confused in front of face. Is it a good thing to cut down famous trees in the forest, destroy environmental protection, waste money and over packaging in order to save face? Is it necessary to deliberately package the goose feather with light ceremony and heavy friendship? Do the simple feelings of chanting the moon in Tang and Song poems also need to be artificially packaged? In today’s excessive false packaging, looking up at the bright moon really makes people miss the bright moon in their innocent childhood!

it is said that there is a story called “sleeping on a rainy day and tasting gall”… This story should solve your problem
face can’t be eaten, can it? Of course, it’s not easy to lose face. It’s your moment. You shouldn’t put face on it. You can get your face back later. I believe you can do it. come on!!

sometimes face is worth money, sometimes it’s not worth money. Don’t worry too much about face

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