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What is the whole process of product packaging design?

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1. The customer puts forward the demand, what products are packaged and what materials are used, such as paper, plastic, etc; 2. Communicate with customers about design ideas and understand customers’ needs; 3. Design the sample draft, give 2-3 sets of schemes to customers, and determine a final scheme; 4. After determining the major design direction, further refine the design and add complete contents as much as possible; 5. Confirm the information and design with the customer again; 6. If the design draft is confirmed to be OK, make a small sample to see the effect of the finished product and the actual size of the product; 7. Mass production can be carried out after confirming that there is no problem.

you’ve met talented people. Hey, YY, for the packaging and printing instructions, you’d better find the outsourcing company used by your company in the past, because you’re familiar with financial procurement. If you haven’t done so before, you’d better go to the business card design, advertising and printing factory. It’s better to have a large quantity, a small quantity, an advertising company and a large quantity of printing factory, If you just print a few by yourself

if you have similar suppliers in your company before, you can go to them directly and boldly. If you think it is proofing, the suppliers will do it. If you feel difficult, you can ask your procurement to talk to the supplier.

a lot of digital printing can be done outside

what plant is it

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