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What kind of glue is good for the packing box?

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for manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic gift box machines, the use scenarios are different, the corresponding glue is also different, and the opening time is also a key. If it is a color box, paper bag, all kinds of fancy paper, leather filling paper, long fiber paper and plastic box, gray paperboard and carton made of PVC, PET film and all kinds of paperboard, it is OK to use one kind of paper and plastic. You can also save the trouble of changing the glue

depending on what is stuck to the packing box, some are paper with varnish surface, some are paper with film surface, some are paper with paper, and some are plastic materials that are difficult to stick, such as PET /PE /pp. different materials need adhesives with different properties. It is important to select appropriate adhesives according to the material of the products produced. Big mouth frog white glue dzw-304 is an optional glue.

use box adhesive

use yh-t806 special glue to bond sponge leather cloth, EVA and other soft materials. It is not hard, environment-friendly, soft, tenacious and transparent
easy glue Xiaowu

in fact, it’s better to use transparent adhesive tape

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