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What kind of plastic wrap is the best

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PE and PVDC fresh-keeping films are safe for human body and can be used safely

preservative film is a kind of plastic packaging product, which is usually made by polymerization with ethylene as masterbatch. It is mainly used in microwave food heating, refrigerator food preservation, fresh and cooked food packaging and other occasions. It is widely used in the field of food packaging in family life, supermarkets, hotels and industrial production. According to the different materials and plasticizers, the fresh-keeping film can be divided into many types, which can be used in different occasions. Fresh keeping film is favored by people because of its convenience, economy and beauty. However, because plasticizers are commonly added in the production process, the impact of fresh-keeping film on human health has also attracted people’s attention

mainly PVC

1: PVDC fresh-keeping film is a copolymer of polyvinylidene chloride and vinyl chloride. Its biggest feature is oil resistance and heat resistance. It will not release harmful substances in the case of oil stains. Therefore, sausage and cooked meat in supermarkets are packaged with PVDC fresh-keeping film. The fresh-keeping film is also suitable for packaging food and heating it in the microwave oven, which can ensure the safety of food. 2: At present, the safest fresh-keeping film is “Po fresh-keeping film”, which is formed by three-layer coextrusion and heat shrinkage of polyethylene and PP film. It has various advantages of polyethylene and PP film: good cold resistance, no hardening and embrittlement at low temperature; The wrapped food will not deform after being put for a long time, and the packaging is natural and high-grade; The fresh-keeping film has high heat-resistant temperature and can be used for microwave heating. At present, Po film is mainly used in shrink packaging, but its excellent performance can ensure the safety of heating food in microwave oven, so it is an ideal fresh-keeping film. However, because it is made of three layers, it has high cost and high price. At present, it is difficult to popularize and use it in our country. 3: Also in close contact with food is the aluminum paper plastic composite film for packaging liquid food. The composite film is made by extruding aluminum foil, plastic and paper. Aluminum foil can well prevent heat radiation and corrosion, and the paper and plastic on the outer layer can block the transfer of heat. Therefore, after sterilization, milk and soybean milk can be put into the soft package made of this composite film, which can be stored for 30-45 days without deterioration. 4: Plastic bowls and dishes for microwave ovens are made of melamine plastic. Melamine plastic tableware is safe, non-toxic, aging resistant and can withstand the temperature of 150 ℃. It can be boiled and disinfected in boiling water or heated in microwave oven. It has the same luster as porcelain, can print various patterns, and can be made into high-grade imitation porcelain tableware used in restaurants. It is lighter than glass and porcelain, and is not easy to break. In addition, it is safe, non-toxic and easy to clean, so it can also be made into children’s tableware or toys. The newly developed nano melamine plastic can resist bacteria and sterilization. It is safer to be used as children’s tableware and toys.

PE and PVDC fresh-keeping films are safe for human body and can be used safely.

as long as you buy the most expensive one in the supermarket, the general one is the best,

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