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What machines are needed to make disposable chopsticks, how many machines are needed, and what are their names,

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raw bamboo sawing machine, bamboo cutting machine, section and width cutting machine, bamboo wire forming machine, sizing machine, push polishing machine, bamboo round chopsticks sharpening and engraving machine, multi-purpose knife sharpening machine and chopsticks packaging machine

production supporting equipment, including dual-mode pneumatic molding machine, dual-mode mechanical automatic molding machine and polishing machine. Disposable chopsticks are not simply rough. When making chopsticks, there is no important index of high moisture content and burr in type IV and cooking finishing machines

there are spray coating machines of type III and type IV. the moisture content is whether disposable sanitary chopsticks can ensure no mildew during storage. Chopsticks are often moldy, deformed and packaged. There are mixers of horizontal and vertical, packaging and drying, resulting in coliform and blank making. If links are reduced in the production process: the surface is clean and formed

extended data:

General chopstick machines are composed of several devices with different functions, Take bamboo processing as an example: raw bamboo sawing machine (sawing the raw bamboo into standard bamboo joints) – bamboo breaking machine (dividing the bamboo joints into bamboo pieces) – slicing machine (flattening the inner and outer bamboo joints of bamboo pieces) – wire drawing machine (pulling out bamboo strips of different specifications and shapes according to the required

Product Type) – fixed length cutting machine (sawing according to the required size) – automatic sharpening machine (for sharpening one end of chopsticks) – automatic packaging machine

using wood leftovers, miscellaneous wood, moso bamboo, etc., with small investment and quick effect, it is very suitable for small investors. The plant required for the equipment is 30 square meters, the power distribution is 10 kW, and 1-2 operators can directly use a small courtyard in rural areas

60000-100000 pairs of bamboo chopsticks can be produced every day. According to different sizes and specifications, the daily output of bamboo sticks and food sticks is about 300000. It can also produce incense sticks for burning incense and worshipping Buddha. The net profit can reach about 800 yuan per day. In rural areas, it is a good way to get rich by making use of leisure time

generally, the disposable chopstick machine consists of several machines with different functions. Take the bamboo chopstick machine as an example: raw bamboo sawing machine, bamboo cutting machine, section and width cutting machine, bamboo wire forming machine, sizing machine, push polishing machine, bamboo round chopstick sharpening and engraving machine, multi-purpose knife sharpening machine and chopstick packaging machine. The chopsticks can be processed normally only when the equipment is properly prepared and started

advantages of chopstick machine:

first, for the production of sanitary chopsticks and ice cream handles (rods), poplar, birch and various woods can be selected as raw materials. The above products can be made only by changing the cutting tools, which has the advantages of small investment, high efficiency, easy purchase of raw materials and multi-purpose of one machine

II. Truncation – Cooking (or water immersion) – through rotary cutting machine – cutting machine – dryer – chamfering machine (or polishing) – packaging and warehousing. The chamfering machine can be omitted in the production of ice cream handle

III. equipment introduction: each square of wood produces 70000 ~ 100000 pairs of sanitary chopsticks, 100000 ~ 150000 pairs of small units, 250000 ~ 300000 pairs of medium-sized units and 450000 ~ 500000 pairs of large units. If the output still increases significantly after skilled technology, the cutting machine and chamfering machine can increase the equipment according to your output needs and economic conditions

IV. cost accounting and economic analysis (8-hour shift calculation):

according to the diameter of wood, 70000 ~ 100000 pairs of chopsticks are produced per cubic meter of wood x market price = gross profit – purchase price of raw materials – electricity charge – labor – (including tax declaration, plant, packaging, etc., which are determined according to your actual situation) = net profit of daily wood production x several cubic meters of wood used per day = 8-hour net profit. To sum up, generally, all the investment can be recovered in 2 ~ 3 months

extended data:

precautions for the operation of disposable chopstick machine equipment:

1. First, before starting the chopstick machine equipment, be sure to check each important part to see whether the parts of each part are fastened to prevent equipment failure

2. In the process of operation, if any equipment of the chopstick machine fails, it should be shut down immediately and checked by professionals. No parts can be removed without the permission of the manufacturer, and if the tool is replaced, it must be carried out when the machine is completely stopped

3. After the equipment is used, the wood chips or bamboo chips on the equipment shall be cleaned in time, and the bearing parts shall be filled with oil smoothly. If it is seriously worn, it shall be replaced in time

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – chopstick machine

a master will get twice the result with half the effort. If there is a market, it is much better than working. For beginners on the road, please see the following
why choose bamboo: fast growth, no management, short cycle and toughness
bamboo selection: it is best to select bamboo for more than 2 years & nbsp
as shown in the figure, machine processes and functions:
1 Raw bamboo sawing machine: raw bamboo sawing shall be as straight as possible
2 Original bamboo Slitter: break into bamboo strips with similar width
3 Fixed width and thickness threshing and opening machine: fixed width and thickness to remove knots and layers and turn them into smoother bamboo strips
4 Bamboo wire forming machine: according to a certain specification, the bamboo strip is cut into bamboo round wire. The specification is determined by the forming knife
5. Bamboo wire sizing machine: a round bar cut into the length of chopsticks
6 Push grinder: the round bar shall be placed as full as possible, and the top shall be pressed with heavy objects or the cow belt shall be tightened. Mainly make the round bar smooth
7. Round chopsticks sharpening machine: cut a certain taper at the vegetable clamping end
8. Chopsticks packing machine: chopsticks can be packed and ready for use
9. Knife grinder: the knife on the machine needs to be polished
precautions: after the bamboo round silk is made, it needs to be heated and boiled. In this way, it can sterilize and disinfect, remove sugar, and the chopsticks will turn white. After treatment: be sure to dry. The biggest reason for mildew is sugar and water

the most basic production process of disposable wooden chopsticks is material selection, sawing, blank making, forming, sharpening, cooking, water purification, drying, polishing, finishing, packaging and packaging. When using disposable chopsticks, consumers often encounter moldy or deformed chopsticks. The main reason for mildew is that chopsticks have high moisture content during production. Moisture content is not only an important indicator of whether disposable sanitary chopsticks can ensure no mildew and deformation during storage, but also an important indicator to measure the production process. Disposable chopsticks are not simply rough. Sensory requirements of di
sposable chopsticks: the surface is clean, smooth, without burr, pollution and peculiar smell. If you reduce links in the production process, it is very likely to cause mold of chopsticks, infect and breed bacteria, and cause the three microbial indicators of coliform, pathogenic bacteria and mold to exceed the standard, which will bury great hidden dangers for food safety
Product Process:

production supporting equipment:
host equipment: there is a molding machine, which is divided into dual-mode pneumatic molding machine and dual-mode mechanical automatic control molding machine. Supporting equipment: there are pulverizers and vortex type, and mixers are divided into horizontal and vertical. There are spray coating machines, which are divided into type III and type IV. There are dryer types III and IV
the new technology of fully degradable packaging bags has the same mechanism as the former, with simple machinery and easy to omit the discussion of production.

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