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What materials are bubble films generally made of?

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bubble film is a product that takes HDPE (high pressure polyethylene) as raw material, adds opening agent, antistatic masterbatch and other auxiliary materials, and extrudes and blisters into bubbles at about 230 ℃. It is a new plastic product with light texture, good transparency, non-toxic and tasteless. Bubble film is also called air cushion film, bubble film, etc. It has the effects of cushioning, shock absorption, compression and scratch prevention! It can also achieve the anti-static effect by adding anti-static masterbatch in the production process. It is a special product for electronic product packaging. Its surface resistance value is 9-11 power of 10, which can well protect the internal electronic products from static electricity! Bubble film uses because the middle layer is full of air, it is very light. Its cushioning, shock absorption and compression effect are particularly good. It is widely used in the packaging of electronics, hardware, furniture, ceramics, handicrafts, gifts, glass products and other industries. It can be made from coiled materials, bags and sheets! More anti-static bubble bag, widely used in electronic products, PC board and other precision instrument packaging! When the raw material of bubble film is new material, the gas is full, and the compression and buffer effect are excellent! There is a kind of bubble film on the market, which is cheap but of poor quality. It is made of recycled materials. There is no air in the bubble, which is easy to break when pinched, and can not have the effects of cushioning and compression

bubble film is a product that takes high-pressure polyethylene as the main raw material, adds whitening agent, opening agent and other auxiliary materials, and extrudes and blisters into bubbles at about 230 ℃. The small name is the combination of polyethylene high-pressure material and linear density, that is, LDPE, and the smaller is the model LDPE & nbsp; H2426 and linear density, LLDPE & nbsp; 7024。 It is a new type of plastic packaging material with light texture, good transparency, non-toxic and tasteless. It can prevent moisture, buffer and heat preservation for products. Air bubble film is also known as air cushion film, air bead film, bubble cloth, bubble paper, bubble film, bubble film and air cushion film. It is a pressure, moisture and shock proof chemical product for packaging and filling. It has the advantages of good shock absorption, impact resistance, heat sealing, non-toxic, tasteless, moisture-proof, corrosion resistance, good transparency and so on. It was invented by American Mark savannah in 1960. I just wanted to design a new three-dimensional wallpaper. One day, when he took a plane, he saw the clouds outside the window. He felt that the clouds were used to protect the plane from landing safely. Inspired by this, he created a plastic bubble film. Due to its shockproof, moisture-proof and wear-resistant properties, bubble film soon became a popular packaging material. Later, because many people like to pinch the bubbles on the bubble film, the bubble film was endowed with the function of relieving psychological pressure. Today, Hyatt Corporation, the patent owner of bubble film, has more than 17000 employees in 52 countries and regions, and earns more than $4 billion a year from bubble film

bubble bag is a new type of green and environment-friendly shockproof and cushioning material. Also commonly known as bubble paper, air cushion film, air cushion film, etc. The product color is mainly white, with a width of 1800mm and unlimited length. Bubble specifications Ф five × 3mm、 Ф ten × 4mm、 Ф twenty-eight × 10mm, etc. During production, the raw materials can be processed into anti-static bubble film after special treatment. The sign color is pink, and its surface resistance value is usually between 109-1011 Ω (standard environmental test)

product features: – good shock absorption – light weight, good transparency and elasticity – sound insulation, shock and wear resistance, impact resistance – non-toxic, tasteless, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant technical instructions: maximum width: 1280mm (can be cut or made into bags according to user requirements) bubble diameter: Φ 6mm (vesicles) Φ 10mm (medium bubble) Φ 28mm (big bubble, heavy bubble) bubble height: 3mm, 5mm, 10mm product classification: – ordinary polyethylene air cushion film – Antistatic electric cushion film – Flame Retardant air cushion film – aluminized air cushion film – color printing air cushion film – three-layer air cushion film (single-layer bubble) – five-layer air cushion film (double-layer bubble) – Polypropylene thickened air cushion film – composite pearl cotton air cushion film

product uses: – widely used in shock-resistant cushioning packaging of electronics, instruments, ceramics, handicrafts, household appliances, self owned car stores, kitchens, furniture and paint products, glass products and precision instruments – can be made into bubble bags, bubble kraft paper envelope bags, automobile sun shields, heat insulation cushions, heat insulation materials, etc. – By adding different additives to plastic raw materials, various special air cushion films such as anti-static can be manufactured Anti static air cushion film is used for packaging electronic components and components, such as boards and cards. It can prevent static electricity and buffer and prevent vibration. It is used as anti-static bubble bag – anti static bubble bag is designed for electronic products. Anti static bubble bag is suitable for the packaging of electronic products with general anti-static requirements. According to the different structure of the membrane, it can be divided into single mask, double-sided film and so on. The anti-static performance of the product has certain timeliness. Surface resistance value: 109-1011 Ω (standard environmental test) ◎ conductive film composite anti-static bubble bag conductive film composite anti-static bubble bag is processed after compounding conductive PE film on the basis of anti-static bubble film. It is suitable for the packaging of electronic products with high sensitivity to static electricity. According to the different film structure, it can be divided into single-sided composite bubble bag and double-sided composite bubble bag. The surface resistance of conductive film: 103-105 Ω ◎ shielding film composite anti-static bubble bag shielding film composite anti-static bubble bag is processed after compounding a layer of anti-static shielding film on the basis of anti-static bubble film. It has the characteristics of anti-static, electrostatic field shielding, shockproof buffer and so on. External surface resistance: 108-1010 Ω, internal surface resistance: 109-1011 Ω (standard environmental test)

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