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What steps does the packaging design process include?

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the process of packaging design has the following ten steps:

1 Project initiation and investigation of design topics

2. Overall planning and positioning of packaging and production process mode

3. The innovation of sales packaging design is located in the creative idea of design

4. Selection and design of packaging materials

5. Packaging modeling design

6. Packaging structure design

7. Packaging visual communication design

8. Design of commodity packaging accessories

9. Application and treatment of packaging protection technology

10. Prepare design specification

extended data:

precautions for packaging design:

to strengthen the understanding of the packaging of similar products and timely grasp the business information of similar competitive products is an essential and important link in the research for designers. From the perspective of design, that is, packaging materials, packaging modeling, packaging structure, packaging color, packaging graphics and packaging text, to analyze the shelf effect of competitive products and understand their sales performance will bring great benefits to the upcoming design

there are many ways of market research, such as direct research and indirect research. The research method should collect data according to the characteristics of different products. If the products have obvious regional consumption differences, it is necessary to investigate in different regions. When conducting research, we should make effective use of human and material resources to avoid duplication and waste.

1. Preliminary research
before product packaging design planning, sufficient market research should be carried out in the early stage, from market environment analysis to competitiveness analysis of similar products and brand target population analysis. Only by fully understanding and analyzing the market environment and understanding the specific needs of consumers, can product packaging design be planned according to market needs
2. Refine selling points
after market research, we must refine selling points according to the characteristics of the product itself. A good packaging design should not only be exquisite and creative, but also have selling points. In the whole product packaging planning, the selling points of the product are the most important. Without selling points, no matter how beautiful the packaging is, it will not have long-term competitiveness
3. Creative expression
as the saying goes, people rely on clothing. Excellent packaging design can add points to the whole product from the aspects of structure, color, layout and technology. Good design execution can more comprehensively show the creative scheme of early packaging planning. Packaging design is the first contact when consumers choose and buy goods. If there is no excellent design to show as a bridge, the previous good idea is futile
4. Modification
sort out the unreasonable places in word, and then send them to the designer for overall modification according to the sorted modification opinions, so as to ensure the overall coordination and beauty without misunderstanding
5. Final test
after the product is put on the market, it is also necessary to collect feedback and conduct effectiveness test to test whether the product sales have reached the expected goal, whether consumers have accepted these ideas, what feedback consumers have, etc.

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