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What’s the difference between wallpaper and mural

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wallpaper and mural, let me make a comparison:
1. Wallpaper: the disadvantage is that the glue contains formaldehyde, the price difference between different grades of wallpaper is very large, and the wallpaper with poor quality is easy to be scratched; Once stained with oil, it is inconvenient to clean; General wallpaper has high requirements for the humidity of the wall and indoor. If the humidity is too high, it is easy to be affected by moisture and crack
2. Murals: the greatest advantage is complete personalization
(1) style: the combination of the pen touch of murals and modern decoration makes the environment more artistic
(2) good materials: the mural is made of propylene pigment, which is free of toxic volatile substances such as formaldehyde, harmless to human body, bright color and long-lasting retention. The important thing is that this pigment is only soluble in water once, that is, it can be mixed with water when painting, and it will no longer be dissolved in water after drying, so it will not be affected by moisture and is not afraid of water. It can be taken care of on the wall at ordinary times
(3) change at will: if you are tired of seeing the existing patterns, you can redraw the patterns you want just by painting off the original patterns, or you can change other wall decorations.

murals are a kind of Chinese traditional culture. There are many beautiful and lifelike patterns on murals in various forms. The materials used in murals are also better, so many people choose to use wall hanging in their home decoration. So what problems should we pay attention to when choosing murals? What kind of attention do you pay to the selection of patterns? Some people also choose wallpaper when they choose to live at home. What is the difference between wallpaper and mural? Are there any indicators to judge? Now Xiaobian will introduce the difference between murals and wallpaper, as well as some precautions when choosing murals

the difference between mural and wallpaper:

1. Mural and wallpaper are two concepts. Mural is a customized pattern made according to the actual size of the wall, while wallpaper is a regular pattern; Therefore, murals are usually used for local posting

2. Murals can be made into wallpaper and pasted on the wall. It is a good choice as a porch. The wallpaper can also be cut to a certain size, and the frame can be made into a mural to decorate the wall

3. In terms of materials, wall paintings are mostly seen in non-woven materials and pure paper, but few. The materials of murals are generally good. At present, the price on the market is about 300 square meters

4. In terms of size, murals are not fixed because they can be customized. Most of the wallpapers are 52 (50 and 53) cm * 10m, but Japanese wallpapers are different. They are 92cm * 5m. This kind of wallpapers can generally be cut and bought. They are more suitable for small quantities. The color is simple and elegant, and warm colors are rarely used

5. In terms of construction differences, murals can be directly pasted on the wall without glue on the back. The first mural is the most important. It must be vertical and careless. Generally, ordinary base film and glue are used. Of course, good base film glue is the best choice. The wallpaper should be determined according to the specific material. Ordinary ones can be mixed with ordinary glue, while heavier ones are usually pasted with special glue for strong wall cloth with high glass toughening, such as & nbsp; Paper base wall cloth, glass fiber cloth, cross bottom cloth and other papers that are not easy to absorb glue

what should we pay attention to when choosing murals

mural selection: the selection of materials is extremely important. If you plan to make murals in the living room, you can choose plants with auspicious significance, such as peony, peony, etc. if the light in the living room is dark, you should avoid choosing depressed scenery, such as setting sun, winter scenery, etc

it has to be combined with people’s five elements. Generally, the living room is based on the five elements of the head of the family. If it is a bedroom, it depends on the people who often use the bedroom

whether the family mural is successful depends on whether it can reflect the owner’s taste and bring peace and health to the family. Finally, family murals can also pay attention to the collocation with the overall home style

above, Xiaobian introduced the difference between murals and wallpaper. The most important difference between them is the material and the flexibility of production. Generally speaking, the price of murals is relatively high, and its patterns can be customized, and the size is relatively flexible. In terms of construction, murals are relatively simple, For wallpaper, it may still need some construction operations before it can be pasted on the wall. When selecting murals, we should pay attention to the different places corresponding to the materials. However, the final choice of patterns should be based on the owner’s personal taste and preferences

wallpaper is generally designed and printed in large quantities. When pasting, it can be repeated due to the small pattern. Murals are generally based on the area of your wall, so most of them are customized. Now many murals are printed with printers, which are also very good, customized and inexpensive. The overall effect is also good.

the biggest difference between ordinary wallpaper and mural is that the production equipment is different.
ordinary wallpaper is only the smallest production line of Xi’an Aerospace Huayang wallpaper equipment in China, and it needs about 4 million.
mural equipment is the uvs8700 model of meiqiang master, which is estimated to be about 100000.

ordinary wallpaper equipment can be produced in large quantities, and mural equipment can only be customized in small quantities

wallpaper is pasted on the wall for the purpose of beauty and insect prevention. Murals are paintings painted on the wall

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