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When lettuce leaves are ridged, what should be done when the fleshy stem begins to expand laterally?

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lettuce can grow in one year and roam to harvest in four seasons for 30 times, which can basically meet the needs of growth and nutrition. Planting lettuce will have enough fertilizer, trampling on pumps, different sizes, usually caused by kidnapping. When the seedlings wake up, the lettuce is promoted. At this time, urea is 10kg and 5kg sulfate per mu, so that lettuce can be blind. When the leaves are by bees, the lettuce meat stem begins to expand. When the stem grows, amino acids form fertilizer and 45% compound fertilizer, with 25 kg per mu, 10 kg of potassium sulfate and water supply. The shortage of these three fats is the key to high yield

lettuce planting line distance (30-35) cm × (30-40) cm, 1 acre, 4000-5000 plants. After planting secret or leaves, set aside lettuce to grow to 20cm, take off all the old leaves with the bottom 2-3 to avoid the nutrition absorbed by the leaves, sunlight and on-site ventilation. In the late stage of ensuring lettuce,

lettuce generally does not hit the leaves. The United States only needs to rotate the old leaves, dead leaves, pests and diseases. If the lettuce leaves are crazy, the plants grow slowly. At this time, hold the heart to prevent branches and show them. Lettuce was once sold in the market. Take off 4-5 leaves and take them for 7-10 days. The leaves can be eaten. If one falls together, he can also sell more money

when lettuce was longer to 5-6 leaves, the concentration of polyoxy group was controlled within 30mg /L. Seven days later, the lettuce is brought to yellow. If the heart is green, it is not advisable

in the lotus stage of lettuce, the stem began to distribute polyvinazole. At 100 mg /L, the two controls could promote the residence of lettuce and obtain high yield

when the lettuce is up to 30-40 cm high, it is used for use. The concentration of welding card is 50 g of water and 5 kg, which can prevent madness

when the lettuce meat enters the lazy expansion, there is enough fertilizer in the field, and it is found that the field should be uniform water. Water should be moderate, small, diligent in water resources, thin fat, water with fat, don’t worry about water, so as not to be the road. When fertilizing with water, the fertilizer will be dissolved and then applied to the field. At the same time, pay attention to the correct time and the tissue will be destroyed

lettuce is a common vegetable for our people’s dinner. Especially in the southern region, lettuce will be eaten in autumn and in the new year. Lettuce must have good taste, high yield and scientific management

Quality lettuce is not only suitable for our farmers or vegetable trade. High quality lettuce has thick stems and green leaves, so in addition to watering and fertilization, it is also necessary to make it the leaves of millions of growers. Xinjiang, where swallows stay, is a vegetable base. A large number of lettuce are planted every year. Take this opportunity to share these experiences with you and hope to learn from them

cut cardboard into proper shape and insert it into the soil on both sides of the succulent stem to help shape and limit its growth. This can prevent it from expanding laterally.

before the ridge is closed, when the stem of lettuce begins to hypertrophy, apply 35% small packaging 4-6 bags of fertilizer for vegetables produced by Bihe fertilizer company per mu, and spray 500-1000 mg /L or 6000-10000 mg /L auxin at the same time to prevent bolting and increase stem weight. For the lettuce stem base rotten plot, it can be combined with the fertilizer to rush into the bacterial drugs to prevent the stem base from rot.

the management of fertilizer and water should be strengthened. Fertilizer and water management is mainly controlled to expand and enrich the leaf area, so as to prepare for stem expansion and accumulation of nutrients. Small amount of water should also be poured, and the application of water and fertilizer must be timely. Too early or too late is not conducive to the growth of succulent stems.

planting lettuce requires enough fertilizer, which can make the lettuce grow faster. During the flowering period of lettuce, it is necessary to fertilize the lettuce reasonably, which can make the lettuce grow better. Lettuce should be planted reasonably and the spacing of lettuce should be increased

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