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Where is non-standard equipment more professional?

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I don’t know what kind of equipment you mean, but I can give you a reference on my experience:
the so-called “professional manufacturing of non-standard automation equipment”, that is to say, it must have its specific strengths in the automation industry
at present, many non-standard automation equipment companies have entered a misunderstanding: anyway, if it is non-standard, they will do everything, and as a result, they can’t do anything well
in fact, the correct understanding of “non-standard automation equipment” is that under the same product type, various manufacturers design automation equipment to achieve the same purpose (such as dispensing, assembly, testing, etc.) due to their different incoming material methods, process requirements, manpower and so on. The process may be different, but the ultimate goal is the same. Therefore, non-standard automation equipment must be done exclusively and for a long time before there will be excellent precipitation. If the industry involved is more, its credibility will be worse. Due to the limited human, material, financial and energy input, it is developing new equipment every day. Every time it is a “first work”, it is often the customer who becomes a “white mouse”, and its own equipment can not be accepted
I came into contact with a non-standard automation company (Dongguan Ronghui mechanical equipment Electronics Co., Ltd.), whose business model is: only do the relevant automation equipment of switching power supply and DC fan products, because the relevant personnel of the company are very familiar with the product process in the industry. Therefore, the company first invested a lot of money in the research and development of automation equipment required for relevant processes, and then promoted it to customers after its function and reliability are improved. Although a lot of money was invested in the early stage, its products are very stable and practical, with high promotion value and success rate, so it will not make detours. After a long time of cooperation with users, They all praised their equipment. I think this is a professional “non-standard automation” equipment factory, which has also laid a good foundation for sustainable operation. I hope its business model can be used as a reference for those bosses who are still struggling to find customers – calm down and make their own specialized equipment. Don’t do what you see is good to make money!

this should depend on the classification. For example, we are more professional in the automation of pipe processing machinery and the non-standard design of pipe machinery, but if it is not this kind, it may not be so professional for us.

there are many categories of non-standard equipment. According to the function: processing, assembly, welding, packaging and so on
different kinds of non-standard equipment have different professional manufacturers. Specialized in technology

I am engaged in processing non-standard equipment industry. There are many non-standard machine tools for processing in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province.

whether the non-standard industry is professional or not generally depends on the experience of mechanical design engineers. Various industries have non-standard automation equipment, which is most used in industrial production,

1. Production, manufacturing and installation of auto parts in the auto manufacturing industry

2. Production, transportation and packaging in the food industry

3. Product transportation of electronic and electrical production line

4. It is also widely used in warehousing facilities in the logistics industry

if you need to make non-standard equipment, you can find relevant companies to customize it according to your requirements.

haoyu’an is a unit specialized in designing and manufacturing non-standard measuring tools, fixtures and inspection tools. In the past, haoyu’an was a designated purchasing unit of the Ministry of railways, and the most important thing of the railway is safety and quality

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