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Where is the latest wechat red envelope cover?

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Such as title

wechat officials hold an open class in early January every year to share with you what wechat has done in the past year and its thinking and planning for the future. This year’s open class is different from the previous launch of a new and independent open platform – wechat red envelope cover open platform

1. What is the wechat red envelope cover open platform

the message we received in wechat in the past is here

open the red envelope page like this

the background and style of the whole red envelope are officially unified. The wechat red envelope cover open platform is an open platform to help users customize personalized red envelope covers. Users can design a red envelope cover with their own unique style, which can show and represent their own characteristics on the wechat red envelope cover open platform. The customized red envelope in the whole use process is as follows:

official introduction the functions of customized red envelope cover are as follows:

stronger brand sense: brand elements can be stably displayed in all links of sending and receiving red envelopes, showing the strength of the brand

fully open Customization: you can define the style and create your own style

exclusive cover story: new product form, tell the story behind the team and build brand charm

better reach users: integrate brand communication into every festival blessing of wechat users and get hundreds of millions of attention

free distribution of cover: multiple methods of distribution of cover, accurate and effective distribution of cover

fast tracking purchase: real-time data update, convenient additional purchase, and help a variety of activity scenes

the conclusion is that in addition to the customization of the style of receiving and opening red envelopes, the platform can also analyze the distribution and use of red envelopes

in essence, the issue of sending red envelopes itself has the attribute of advertising and marketing. In fact, it has taken shape as early as the first time wechat cooperated with CCTV Spring Festival Gala. When shaking the red envelope, the words and logos of major manufacturers were exposed, but there was no customization. This year, wechat completely released this function and can be customized by the whole people

2. What is the customization of wechat red envelope cover?

from the official documents, there are four parts of wechat red envelope cover Customization:

1 Cover abbreviation

cover abbreviation is used to quickly identify the customization Party of the red envelope cover. For example, if you are a company, you can write the company name or product name. The cover abbreviation will be displayed in the red envelope message bubble (brand logo is not uploaded), red envelope page, red envelope details page and cover story

2. Brand logo

brand logo is used to better identify the customization Party of the red envelope cover. A distinctive brand logo will be impressive in the chat scene. The brand logo will be displayed in the red envelope message bubble and cover story (if the brand logo is not uploaded, only the cover abbreviation will be displayed)

3. The cover style

is actually the background picture of the red envelope cover, and it is also the main part of the red envelope cover style. The official has clear requirements and restrictions. See the official documents for details

4. The cover story

is actually a rich text content, which can be graphic or video. It will be displayed after the red envelope page is opened and pulled down. Similar to the details page, it can carry more content

cover story video

3. How to apply for

the address of wechat red envelope cover open platform is cover weixin. QQ, not everyone can apply for it, and there is a certified WeChat official account. Because the official account of WeChat has not allowed personal identification for a long time, so this function is mainly open to enterprises. We can fully understand that WeChat provides a tool for promotion and publicity for enterprises. Enterprises have customized their own red envelopes, and every red envelope that they send out with their red envelopes is a corporate propaganda. Because it is a corporate behavior and tob service, the wechat red envelope cover open platform is charged, which will be described in detail later

img registration process

WeChat official account registration and certification here is not detailed, and you can directly access the help documents, and briefly describe how to register the open platform of WeChat red envelopes. p>

visit the wechat red envelope cover open platform

read the registration instructions and terms of use, and agree

enter the registered mailbox of wechat red envelope cover open platform, which can be repeated with the mailbox previously used on wechat

verify mailbox

wechat code scanning is bound to the wechat red envelope cover open platform. In the future, you only need to scan the code with wechat. Here is to pay attention to the WeChat code used for scanning code, it must be certified official account of WeChat public number. p>

design red envelope materials according to the platform rules and upload them for approval. The review time is generally 3 working days and 10 working days for special covers. See the platform rules for details

the process is not complicated. Basically, you can operate step by step according to the guidance

4. How to play the red envelope cover

after designing the relevant materials required for the red envelope cover, submit them for review, and the review results will be sent to the bound administrator wechat. Once approved, it’s time to pay. There is no money to upload this cover, but you just want to use it. How? You need to use wechat to get the cover, but you need to buy a quota before getting it

What does wechat official say:

the charging standard of red envelope cover is RMB 10 /piece, which can be charged according to the number of red envelope covers selected. Among them, the number of distribution refers to the number of wechat accounts that can receive and use the red envelope cover. A red envelope cover can only be received once for the same wechat account

the number of red envelope covers starts from 100, and the maximum number of single orders is 10 million

the vernacular means that if you want to use the cover you upload, you need to pay 10 yuan for a collection quota, and at least 100 at a time, that is, 1000 yuan. The meaning of receiving quota is that, for example, you are the boss of the company. The company has designed a cover and uploaded it for approval. At this time, taking advantage of the Chinese new year, you want to use this cover to send red envelopes to customers and publicize the company at the same time, but you can’t send red envelopes to all customers in person. Then you hand over the task to the marketing department or operation Department, Let them send it. At this time, the charge comes. A person needs to get the red envelope cover once. After receiving the red envelope, he can use the cover to send it. A person is 10 yuan, and he can buy at least 100 places at a time

it should also be noted that the official clearly states that the number of red envelopes purchased is valid. If it is not used up within 3 months, it will be cleared automatically. So the problem comes. What can many small and medium-sized enterprises do without 100 employees? The rest may have to be wasted. Therefore, we can remind you here that when designing the red envelope cover, don’t blindly highlight the enterprise characteristics. A little convergence can reflect the enterprise logo, but it can also be applied to more scenes. In this way, you can distribute these unused cover places to users or others
. Just like the couplet issued by the bank for the Chinese new year, when the bank’s mark is not very obvious, it can be used at home

in addition to the validity period, pay attention to the distribution method. Each person can use one QR code. In this way, each person can use one QR code to exchange the number of places. In any case, there is only one way to collect the number of places. In this way, each person can use one QR code. Another way is to have more than one person in one code. One code can be used by more than one person, and the number of people can be set by themselves. The two methods are applicable to different scenarios. For example, if the second method is used, it is likely to cause the cover to be abused. After all, it costs money to buy it, but it is more convenient to distribute it. The first way is more troublesome, but the use of cover can be strictly controlled

in addition to the distribution method mentioned above, it can also be placed in the applet. See the official documents for details

5. How to get on this train

wechat has a huge user base. Every update of new functions may have a great impact and many opportunities. Then, what are the possible ways for us to get on this launch of wechat cover red envelope open platform? Here are a few points

red envelope cover design. This is a very intuitive way. The development of wechat red envelope cover mainly opens the user-defined design of red envelope cover, so friends with design ability can independently design a general template that fits the theme of the year of the rat and shows the blessing of the enterprise

the cover of the red envelope acts as an agent. Red envelope cover is the demand of all enterprises, which naturally includes many small and medium-sized non internet enterprises. They do not have the registration and certification of public numbers and the operation ability of the red envelope cover open platform, so they can specifically provide services in this regard for these enterprises

there are many other ways to play, which will be explained in detail later

go to Baidu app to view

 please wait a moment and I'll give you a step-by-step screenshot 

You can change the cover here

 it's a new year's holiday 

 there are often activities during the Spring Festival, and red envelope covers will be given 

 4. Enter the serial number to receive the red envelope cover, which can be used directly after successful collection

 there are also three methods to obtain serial numbers 

 click "notify administrator" to verify and ask the administrator for it

 method two: with the promotion of WeChat red envelopes, all enterprises in order to publicize their serial numbers in the official account, micro-blog and friends circle, users need to pay attention to it at any time. pre>
 method 3: some enterprises have launched red envelope covers, and users can ask wechat friends with serial numbers

7 more

Hello, I seem to have encountered your problem before. Here are my original solutions and methods. I hope they can help you. If there are any mistakes, please forgive me! 1, the cover of WeChat red envelope is distributed by the custom party through activities, and the distribution channels are small procedures, official account articles, and WeChat. Br> 2. After wechat users receive the cover serial number through the activity, the mobile phone opens wechat - any chat window - click "+" - red envelope - red envelope cover - enter the serial number to add to wechat
3. The customized cover can be used indefinitely within the validity period, and will become invalid after expiration. Thank you very much for your patience. If you can help, please adopt it. I wish you a happy life! thank you!

wechat red envelopes are regularly distributed free of charge by enterprises every day, but the quantity is limited, and the good-looking ones are almost seconds. Good looking, themed and content are often paid

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