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Which brand of packer is better now??

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there are many kinds of packers, and the quality varies greatly. It depends on what you do? Work frequently for 24 hours, choose the residence with a price of more than 4500 yuan, and use it well; If the price is not enough, or if you are cheated, that is, you buy low-value goods at a high price, there will be troubles such as bad use and frequent failures; The frequency of repairs is very high and it takes time. Hunan Chuangli Packaging Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise committed to R & D and service of packaging equipment and consumables in the building materials industry. Considering the cost, safety, efficiency, beauty and other issues considered by domestic brick kiln enterprises, combined with 15 years of product accumulation, the company has developed high-quality brick factory PET packaging belt, edge protection belt and various manual packaging tools suitable for the building materials industry, and innovated and developed brick semi-automatic packaging equipment. Now the packaging belt and equipment have been fully put into the market for five years, becoming one of the earliest enterprises serving the brick and tile industry in China. Rich product lines and convenient and fast services have won high praise from many domestic brick kiln enterprise users

Suzhou Jiajun packing machine material is a good packer. It is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of packers. The price is cheap and the after-sales service is good. You can go and have a look. I bought it there. It feels good and the quality is very good

what kind of products do you make? We have the packer you need. Hangzhou Yongchuang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd

although the price of the packer of Taiwan Jiayin packaging company is a little higher, the quality is quite good and the service is also very good. It is a packer with good cost performance

from packer zapack packer sells well in the market. From has a long brand and the quality is OK. Although it’s a little expensive, it’s just inconvenient to repair Zapack Taiwan brand has the same performance as Fromm, which makes up for the inconvenience of Fromm maintenance And it has a price advantage over Fromm“
for details, you can ask Mr. Hua Litai he: 13480 818294

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