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Which companies can produce packaging cartons?

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Where can a professional carton packaging company usually find it.

there are quite a lot of people doing this. You can go to the printing platform Ziyun or Baidu map to find those who produce packaging boxes. Quite a lot. You can communicate by phone, proofing and so on.

generally, packaging companies are OK, and some carton factories are also OK. I don’t know where you want to find, so I’ll give you a list of Guangdong. Look at these two

Guangdong carton factory enterprise list

Guangdong packaging unit list

which have quite detailed information. I don’t know if it can help you, If the province is wrong, you can find other provinces on this website. There are all of them anyway

the most convenient way is to search Alibaba or Taobao for packaging, and carefully look at the manufacturer’s certificates or comments. If you think the manufacturer’s evaluation is good in all aspects, you can make a field visit, which is more guaranteed. Or go to the manufacturer near your location.

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