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Which is a good dry powder mortar equipment?

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now there are too many equipment in the dry mixing industry. I can’t say which one is good, but I suggest you go to Chengdu Hengfei machinery. They are the leading enterprises of dry mixing equipment in the West. There is no problem with the quality of the equipment, whether it is a single machine or a simple production line, as well as a fully automatic dry powder mortar production line.

the quotation list of dry powder mortar equipment you mentioned is generally not available online. At present, the models of dry powder mortar equipment are basically single machine, simple production line and full-automatic production line. The full-automatic production line is generally tower dry powder mortar equipment. Because the specific equipment configuration needs to be customized according to your actual production capacity, the quotation will vary according to the configuration. For details, please consult the manufacturer. At present, the single machine dry powder mortar equipment has the lowest output and production efficiency. It is only suitable for small enterprises with small output. The output of the simple production line is relatively general, which can meet the needs of most enterprises. If the packaging machine is installed, the output and production efficiency will be on the next level. The full-automatic production line of dry powder mortar is a large complete set of equipment with large output and high production efficiency. It is the first choice for large and medium-sized enterprises. Generally, the annual output of large-scale dry powder mortar is hundreds of thousands of tons. As far as I know, Chengdu Hengfei machinery is specialized in dry powder mortar equipment, and the scale is also quite large. You can go to the field to investigate the equipment.

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