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Which is a good non-standard automation equipment factory?

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generally speaking, automation enterprises only focus on one thing and do deep and thorough work in relatively small fields. They will choose to expand their business only when the factory is strong enough. Let’s not mention anything else for the time being. For enterprises I know well, they only focus on one thing. If they do too many things, they are not only easy to be distracted, but also easy to be distracted, Maybe you’ll forget your housekeeping skills
in automation equipment factories, there are standard parts and non-standard (customized) parts. Generally speaking, non-standard parts are more difficult than more standard parts, because standard parts are standard parts, while non-standard parts need to design drawings according to customer requirements and provide a complete system scheme that can ensure closed loop
which factory is good for non-standard automation equipment? Simple. Then we have to take a comprehensive look at the factory scale, number of talents, manufacturer qualification and factory years. The larger the data, the better. Generally speaking, the establishment period and qualification of the factory will not deceive people. It is impossible for him to smash his painstaking license in order to deceive you
it is said that automation is polarized. In fact, there is a reason for this. I can teach you a trick. If the company chooses large-scale products and brands, the company will be responsible for your dissatisfaction. For some small workshops, I don’t suggest you choose. There is no guarantee of quality
let’s say what is good and reliable in the scale of the factory. I list all these automation equipment factories. They are all standard parts equipment, but the scale of the factory is large. They not only make standard parts equipment, but also accept non-standard customization
Zhejiang University Central Control Co., Ltd. has done a good job in integrating information in China. I think it’s OK. Lehman technology, a 12-year-old enterprise, customized distribution cabinets and control cabinets have done a good job in control cabinets. I can’t tell. I’ve worked with them in person. It’s really responsible, and the service attitude is similar to that of NAIS
it’s good for you to understand the building owners of foreign automation enterprises. I’ll list them. As for what they do, you can find them online: Schneider, Omron, Hawkwell, general electric, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, FANUC, KUKA, etc

it depends on what equipment you need. For example, some are proficient in machine vision, some are familiar with motion control, and some focus on process control to see if they have development ability and processing ability

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