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Which kind of packaged coke is better to drink

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first] coke in glass bottles
in the earliest days, coke was packaged in this kind of transparent glass bottle. Every time he buys a box of coke at home, he needs to pay a deposit for the transparent glass bottle. After drinking the coke, he can return the bottle to the sales point before he can get the corresponding deposit back
in the past, we didn’t often buy this kind of coke at home, but its taste is very nostalgic. We always think that when we were young, that kind of coke was the best to drink. There are still some cokes in glass bottles on the market, but they are very few and are not easy to find

[Second] fresh coke in paper cups in fast food restaurants
with more and more fast food restaurants in China. In the past, only in KFC wheat, when the labor can drink paper cup packaging directly filled with coke. Now, as long as it’s a fast food restaurant, there’s this kind of packaged coke, which will match you with the corresponding ice. I feel the taste is also very good. Every time a young and old family goes to a fast food restaurant, the most important thing they can’t miss is a cup of straight ice cola

[Third] coke packaged in cans
there are more and more Coke packaged in metal cans in supermarkets, and there are more and more kinds of packaging. Different capacity and different packaging. This kind of coke is more convenient to carry than usual. It is the best choice for every convenience store or restaurant

Pepsi Cola is the best to drink in a pop can. Recently, I found that too many bubbles in Coca Cola affect the taste

it’s different. People who don’t drink coke often can’t drink it Because the production of coke is made by blending concentrated coke syrup, the blending proportion is also different due to different packaging, because the price of each packaging is different (coke company considers profits) Coke is a carbonated beverage. The temperature of refrigeration directly affects the taste. The coke with the best taste should be about 3 degrees. If it is not refrigerated, the taste of soda is very poor In addition, some people say that the coke of kendiji and McDonald’s is good enough to drink because it is cold and fresh enough, because the coke sold there is fresh concentrated coke syrup. Of course, it is good to drink. Now many restaurants, parks, schools, Internet cafes and many places have happy current adjustment machines In addition to the good taste of the prepared coke, there is also a package of glass bottled coke, which also tastes good Are you all satisfied with my answer?

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