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Which non-standard automation equipment does well?

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I don’t know what kind of non-standard automation equipment the subject wants. Different products and different companies can consult xialikuang Electromechanical, which has done a lot

which non-standard automatic public equipment is better depends on what kind of equipment you want and how much it costs. Many of them do this. You can find several

there are many in Suzhou. I have been in contact with a company called Junyao automation technology and Equipment Co., Ltd., which specializes in outsourcing and outsourcing of non-standard automation equipment, and has long served for mechanical assembly and electrical wiring, PLC programming, debugging, mechanical design, etc. in 3C, photovoltaic, automobile, new energy, testing and other industries. Large companies such as Wuxi forerunner, a well-known enterprise in Suzhou, Zhejiang Ningbo Zhichang group, Suzhou Bozhong and Suzhou Lingyun vision often cooperate. The person in charge is surnamed Liu. You can ask for more information.

Qingdao Yingrui platinum is a company focusing on the development of non-standard automation. The company has outstanding capabilities in the fields of automation equipment, machine vision detection, automatic loading and unloading, data acquisition system and so on, mainly involving household appliances, electronics, automobile and other industries. Through years of experience accumulation and strength improvement, the company now has a high-quality design and R & D team, It can provide customers with automation system solutions integrating design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning. While adhering to the independent technology research and development, the company introduces and absorbs the advanced technology of the same industry at home and abroad, and makes it customized for customers, so that the company’s products can reach the leading level of the same industry in terms of technology and quality.

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