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Which packaging design pollutes the environment

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Plastic packaging bags and food bags are second to none. Because the recovery cost exceeds its own value, it is basically abandoned and polluted.

the main development direction of China’s commodity packaging design in the future
1 green design (ecological design) green packaging is “commodity packaging design from the perspective of environmental protection”. In China’s future commodity packaging design, green design should be the basis of design
2 high tech design it is expected that the high-tech design of commodity packaging design in the information age will be reflected in: computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing, intelligent mechanized method (advanced artificial intelligence), information design, virtual design, robot design, high-tech materials, advanced manufacturing technology, integrated design, plate less printing, binding, packaging technology, etc
3 immaterial design

the general trend of design development in the 21st century is immateriality, which is the characteristic of information society and provides immaterial products and services. With the continuous improvement of the whole informatization level in China, the technology-centered society has gradually changed to a society centered on intelligence and information. It is called Non-material Society, also known as “Art Society”, and pays more attention to the spiritual and artistic expression of design products. The post-modern design that has appeared has some characteristics of non-material design

4 symbol design

in the future commodity packaging, we will pay more attention to the internationalization and cosmopolitanism of symbols
5 traditional culture and modern style coexist

style is the theme of commodity packaging design in the future. Any commodity packaging pays attention to style. National style, international style, commodity and culture, inheritance and innovation, and common appreciation of refined and popular customs will become the style of commodity packaging design in the future. Tradition and modernity coexist. The characteristics of products must be consistent with the style of commodity packaging

6 functional scientificity

the functional scientificity of commodity packaging includes physical, physiological and psychological functions. The scientific physical function of commodity packaging is mainly the protection function of commodities

7 humanized design

humanized design includes physiological (material) and psychological (spiritual)

two aspects. In the future, the humanized design of commodity packaging will pay more attention to the spiritual needs. From ignoring packaging to excessive packaging, China’s commodity packaging has experienced such a process. The humanized design of commodity packaging should not only meet the psychological needs, but also meet the psychological needs of people of different cultures, nationalities, regions, genders and ages. In the future, commodity packaging will pay more attention to the personification of packaging. The personification of packaging should be honest and true, not false and deceptive. It is the pursuit of individuality, not the pursuit of high-grade. The richer the material, the higher the requirements for non-material and the higher the living standard, the monotonous and impersonal commodity packaging design cannot be tolerated. In the future, the commodity packaging will be light and flashy, which will not pollute the environment or cause spiritual pollution

the history of packaging design
packaging in the manual era
the original packaging of mankind is undoubtedly to protect products and facilitate storage and carrying

bronze ware and painted pottery are the earliest packaging forms. The early packaging was characterized by the use of various natural materials, which was caused by the development of productivity at that time. Local materials were used, but inadvertently protected the ecological environment of nature. Because of natural materials, many parts can also be reused. Among modern ethnic minorities, bamboo, wood, all kinds of grass, plant leaves and packaging materials are widely used. In the era of handicraft industry, many simple packaging styles of stored goods have been created at home and abroad, such as Chinese traditional wine packaging and red labels, which match with various wine jars, forming a specific tradition of Chinese wine packaging color

by the early stage of the industrial revolution, many packaging had reached a fairly high level, but there was no real separation between illustration and text arrangement

packaging design in the art age of the new art movement

the emergence of various printing machines and the invention and improvement of printing technology at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century have made great progress in packaging design and production. At the same time, new art schools and styles emerge one after another in Europe. They not only affect the design of architecture, painting and various crafts, but also promote the development direction of packaging design. The most typical style is the new art movement and the decorative art movement. It is characterized by the emphasis on decoration and symbolism in the design
> various decorative patterns are used to enrich the elegant effect of packaging. Many packaging used the techniques of fashion illustrations that were very popular at that time, which was concise and highly decorative. For example, the “figures” cigarette designed in 1930 uses the spray painting technique, which is the representative work of packaging design in this period. Before the liberation of China, the cigarette packaging on the Shanghai calendar had strong decoration and symbolism. Such as “Camel Cigarette”, “Blue Arrow gum”

under the condition of China’s planned economy, the understanding of the promotion function of the packaging market is insufficient, and the design concept is quite backward. Just regard the packaging design as a kind of “decoration”. When designing, we use a lot of decorative patterns and simply pursue the decorative effect. The painting is very beautiful, but we can’t see what is loaded. The design packaging has become a painting packaging

function determines form – modernist design thought

modernist design thought has great influence and dominated the development history of world design for a period of time

emphasize the functionality of design and advocate that “function determines form”. Design first needs to solve the problem of function. No visual element on the package must have its own function and function, and the above information is simplified to the most basic element – brand. At the same time, try to eliminate all kinds of elements that hinder visual communication or are useless, so as to highly unify the function and form of expression

in terms of visual expression language, we oppose the use of decorative patterns. It is considered that decoration is a useless visual pollution. It mainly takes geometry and photography as the main expression language. Through the simplified treatment of packaging pictures, modernism has created many very simple packaging styles with strong visual strength, such as Marlboro cigarettes

modernism has a great impact on modern design, not only in the style of design, but also in the theoretical concept of packaging and graphic design. Modernism urges people to think and analyze how to give full play to its function and the allocation of information on packaging under the realistic market conditions, which is scientific and regular. According to the importance of information, there should be differences in the size and intensity of the image. They should form a certain visual process to guide the audience’s cognition. For example, for a box package, the six aspects of the package play different roles in visual communication. The main facade, that is, the
face facing the audience, should carry some important information, “product image, product brand”, and other main information such as product description can be added to other elevations

packaging design under the guidance of CIS

in the 1950s and 1960s, many countries around the world implemented a new business strategy, which is cis – enterprise identification system

the emergence of enterprise image design is due to the needs of enterprise management and market competition. At this time, the packaging design has undergone fundamental changes. For the whole enterprise image, packaging design is no longer an isolated point in the traditional sense, but a line and aspect related to the promotion plan of enterprise publicity. To design a package, we should not only solve the problems of its own image and information configuration, but also reasonably solve the relationship with the whole series of packaging and the relationship between packaging and the visual image of the whole enterprise

today, a series of standardized packaging design is a necessary means for modern enterprise management and market competition. It allows enterprises to reduce costs while maintaining high-quality visual quality when displaying their own image and carrying out promotional activities. Imagine that if multinational enterprises such as “McDonald’s” and “Pepsi Cola” do not have standardized packaging design and production requirements, local branches will go their own way. The image of Pepsi Cola will be fragmented, and the packaging and product quality will not be guaranteed

the main features of packaging design under the guidance of CIS: use various visual design elements specified in CIS design to carry out series design. In the design, we should not only ensure the unity of visual image, but also maintain a certain space for change

there are some individual examples in modern market competition, because the enterprise itself is merged by many small enterprises. Therefore, it has many products that have established an image in the market and have a certain market share. In order to maintain the personality of various products. Different design elements are used in different types of packaging, such as P & G products, unified and Master Kang, blue arrow and China Resources

the design trend of thought of postmodernism

originated from postmodernism in the 1960s. It is a criticism of modernism. In packaging design, postmodernism is more expressed as a tendency in packaging style. Reflected in the two aspects of regional characteristics and humanization in the design, it opposes the singleness and indifference of expression language in the design

regionality is an issue that designers in many countries attach great importance to. It is an important aspect of maintaining a national design cultural personality. National is the world. Japan has done a good job in this regard. Many graphic symbols and calligraphy with oriental and Japanese characteristics are used in the design. It has achieved good results and gained a reputation in the world. Western postmodern designers find elements in the design styles of various historical development stages, and then change them to reflect the local culture of relevant countries from a certain angle

humanization is an important design tendency faced by designers, which refers to the use of various expression languages with humor, funny, nostalgic and local flavor to enhance the appeal of packaging in consumers’ emotion. In style, hand-painted methods are often used to make graphics attractive to human beings or local prints. For consumers, this kind of packaging is more “friendly” and “cordial”

postmodern design not only recreates the graphics of traditional themes with a new “Deconstruction” method, but also uses various natural textures to make people closer to nature

now the problem faced by designers is – environmentally friendly packaging

the initial practice was to add various symbols for environmental protection on the packaging. In the 1960s, the words “please pay attention to the cleanliness of the environment when discarding this packaging” began to appear on some packaging. Remind people of their awareness of environmental protection. In the future, this slogan will turn into some iconic symbols for a hundred years

specifically, environmental protection packaging is mainly reflected in several aspects:

1 material saving

2 material recoverability and regeneration rate improvement, advocating multiple utilization of materials and renewable materials

3 materials are easy to destroy without damaging the environment


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