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Who knows the top ten Chinese chemical brands

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1. Jiangsu Dangjia detergent Co., Ltd.
located in Taizhou City, produces and sells “Dangjia” series liquid detergent products
– traffic ranking information

2 Yangzhou lilkang Daily Chemical Co., Ltd.
mainly produces lilkang series toothpaste and tourism products
– traffic ranking information

3 Yixing Fujia daily chemical products Co., Ltd.
produces machine-made glycerin soap, glycerin pearlescent soap, craft soap, museum soap, etc
– traffic ranking information

4 Jingjiang Jingcheng niping cosmetics store Avon is a cosmetics store integrating brand cosmetics. Congshi cosmetics have been sold for 12 years
– traffic ranking information

6 Jiangsu Xuebao Daily Chemical Co., Ltd.
located in Wuxi, produces daily necessities such as toothpaste and shoe polish
– traffic ranking information

7 Nanjing Jinling mosquito repellent incense industry Co., Ltd. is engaged in the production, processing and sales of mosquito repellent incense and aerosol
– traffic ranking information

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