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Why don’t Tetra Pak packaged products need refrigeration and preservatives?

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that’s because Tetra Pak packaged products adopt instantaneous ultra-high temperature sterilization technology (UHT). The milk beverage sterilized by UHT is poured into the aseptic composite paper package under aseptic conditions. The six layer protection can block out the factors that may affect the deterioration of milk and beverage, such as air, light and microorganisms. Milk is like hiding in a dark confined space. It is very safe inside. There is no need to worry about deterioration and nutrient loss, so of course there is no need for preservatives.

Tetra Pak packaging material consists of cardboard layer, polyethylene and aluminum foil. For each form of packaging, the only material in contact with food is food grade polyethylene. Cardboard provides toughness for packaging, plastic prevents liquid leakage, and aluminum foil can block the entry of light and oxygen, so as to maintain the nutrition and taste of the product

Tetra Pak pioneered aseptic technology in the 1960s, which permanently changed the liquid food industry. Aseptic technology is listed as the most important food science innovation in the 20th century. Unlike canned and bottled foods, Tetra Pak aseptic processing enables liquid foods to better retain color, texture, natural flavor and nutritional value. Tetra Pak aseptic packaging can remain aseptic for up to one year without preservative or refrigeration

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