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Why is dried lettuce so expensive?

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Why is dried lettuce so expensive

the price of dried lettuce is very expensive, mainly due to the following factors

dried lettuce is also known as tribute dish. As the name suggests, it is used to pay tribute. Dried lettuce is made from lettuce, peeled, sliced, dried or dried. Because fresh lettuce contains a lot of water, the weight of dried lettuce is greatly reduced. It can be made into one kilogram only after more than ten kilograms. The price is naturally more than ten times that of fresh lettuce, and the processing cost is also required

fresh keeping, packaging is also a cost, as well as transportation costs. All kinds of costs add up to the natural price

dried lettuce tastes crisp and sweet. It is a rare delicacy. I also ate it when I was a child. At that time, my father bought a box from other places and sold it to his neighbors. The rest was eaten at home. After being soaked in water, the tribute dish expands and becomes bright green. You can fry a large bowl with seven or eight pieces. It’s not too expensive. It’s very chewy and has endless aftertaste. No wonder it’s called tribute dish. It really deserves its reputation. Now civilians can eat it. I haven’t eaten it for a long time. It reminds me of my childhood. I’ll buy some one day

dried lettuce (tribute dish)

in fact, how to say it? Some of them are the malicious promotion of businesses and raise the price. There is also a problem of cost. Considering that a kilogram of dried lettuce needs a lot of fresh products to invest, it is also very clear that the price of a kilogram of dried products is not the price of some fresh products sold in the market.

because lettuce sticks are out of season, they are very cheap when they are on the market. After they are bought and dried, they will lose a lot of weight, and then wait until they are sold. There is no wear and tear on the market, so rarity is more expensive, so they are expensive to sell.

the reason why dried bamboo shoots are so expensive is that they are difficult to brew and delicious. Delicious food will naturally be very expensive.

because 10 kg of wet can’t necessarily dry 1 kg of dry.

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