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Why is the fruit drink market of baizhiyuan not selling well?

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many bosses are elated and confident when talking about their products. It’s like praising your children, how good they are, how bad your competitors are, and how awesome your products are. However, such a good product, such great research and development and so many selling points are sad – they can’t be sold and sold
after introducing the products, I can always see the tired crow’s feet on the corners of the boss’s eyes, faint sadness, stubbornness and confusion. In fact, the boss is just unwilling and can’t save face. The boss also knows that his products can’t be sold and sold, otherwise he won’t come to find food. They all want to find the core point of real estate sales and hope that the product performance is satisfactory. Unfortunately, the maximum number of 25000 new products that can survive each year is only dozens
why is it so difficult to move the pin? We found the law of immovable sales of some products. Combined with years of experience and the analysis of the success or failure of thousands of products every year, we summarized it into eight magic spells of immovable sales. Are you in it, too
1. Poor taste. Either feel sick after eating or feel flat
how important is taste in FMCG sales? Jilin Tianxia Yishui food company once launched a ginseng beverage “ginseng father and ginseng mother”, which was quickly eliminated by the market because it was too bitter. I saw this drink on the forum in Zhengzhou, with distinctive packaging and planning by a well-known planning company, but I shook my head after tasting it. It’s too bitter. The person in charge of the enterprise said that if there is no bitterness, the nutritional value of ginseng will be lost. Bitterness is right and nutrition. Ginseng drink, no bitterness, or ginseng drink? What the person in charge of the enterprise said is very reasonable, but consumers just don’t recognize it and no one buys it
many people don’t know that the taste of food and beverage marketing is the basis of dynamic marketing. If the product can’t be sold, first check whether the taste of your product is too bad. In order to pursue efficacy, zero addition and health, many enterprises ignore the taste and lose a lot of money
how serious are consumers’ pursuit of taste? It’s not good for old people to eat too much sugar, but when they buy fruit, they will habitually ask: are your watermelons sweet? Are your peaches sweet? Wang Laoji’s slightly bitter herbal tea can’t get out of Guangdong. After being mixed into sweet water, it has traveled all over the country in a few years, with an annual sales volume of 10 billion. Taste ranks first in FMCG sales. Many products cannot be sold and cannot be sold. First, check whether there is something wrong with the taste of the product
do consumers have the urge to become addicted to your product? Do they still want to drink and eat? It’s not good to eat or drink. Why sell it? What round-trip goods
Second, the price is frightening. I’m not afraid that death is expensive. I’m afraid that consumers don’t think it’s worth it
is it good? OK! Why can’t you sell it? expensive! This is the feedback of many dealers on “high-end products”. Therefore, many people complain that people can only eat junk food, good things and healthy products. You deserve it. In fact? More and more enterprise bosses pay attention to the pursuit of health and quality, which is very gratifying for the industry. However, while pursuing quality, the cost of raw materials is also rising. The final ex factory price is equivalent to the retail price of other brands. The price is frightening and the terminal cannot be sold. Recently, an article “high price is the trend, low price will die out” is popular on the Internet. In fact? Cost performance is still the mainstream of consumption. Of course, if the price is low, does it mean that the quality must be reduced? Absolutely not
Nashi received a Guoba consultation. The manufacturer’s product cost is very high. 60g retail is 3 yuan, while the market retail of 3 yuan Guoba is basically 138g. The customer’s products have 7 display surfaces in a certain city, and the annual sales volume is only more than 400000. Due to the high cost performance, the local 138g Guoba retails 2 yuan /bag, and the annual sales volume is amazing, up to more than 5 million
of course, many manufacturers will say that the price can be reduced and the quality will be reduced. This is the biggest misunderstanding of price. Consumers do not like cheap, but like to take advantage. Consumers prefer cost-effective rather than cheap, and cost-effective is not cheap. No one wants to sell goods on the ground. Oppo mobile phones now have the second largest sales volume in the world, surpassing Huawei and Samsung. Their performance is comparable to that of apple, and the price is only 1 /2 of that of apple. In fact, the price of oppo of about 3000 yuan is not low, and the profit is also very rich. A dry bread imported from Vietnam is coated with white chocolate. The terminal retail is 6.5 yuan. The packaging design is ingenious. It feels that the price is not expensive. It is also an imported food with high cost performance. However, this biscuit is not really cheap and the profit is very high. Oreo has a package. 80 small biscuits are wrapped in transparent plastic bags. The terminal retail is 12 yuan, which gives consumers a high cost performance. 12 yuan is not a low price, but consumers feel cheap. If your product makes consumers feel expensive and worthless, it will be difficult to sell it
Third, lack of buying points. There are a lot of selling points, but there is no one to buy
the intersection of consumer demand and product selling point is buying point. For example, herbal tea has many functions such as clearing fire, removing dampness and preventing heatstroke, but the cognition of herbal tea that consumers demand the most is to remove fire, so removing dampness and preventing heatstroke are just selling points, and clearing fire is the buying point of consumers
almost all consulting companies and marketing companies are emphasizing selling points and positioning. What are the selling points of your products? In fact, the selling point in the Internet environment has become very vulgar. The so-called selling point is selling. Forcing to explain the N benefits of products is actually no different from that of salesmen. Consumers will hide away from salesmen and are very exclusive. In fact, the reason why consumers don’t pay is that the product lacks something worth buying. Why buy your product? There are so many competing products. Why do I have to buy your products? Is that what I want? Excessive emphasis on selling points, forcing consumers to accept, in fact, is no different from rape. When we go to the apple mobile phone store, you will find that the clerk has never tried as hard to sell as other domestic mobile phone stores. Consumers can experience it at will and feel that they are the king of mobile phone sales
there is a lack of buying points and the products do not have the basis to sell. Dealers have to promote and reduce prices. In fact, the more the price is reduced, the faster the products die
Fourth, the packaging is too ugly. You can eat by your face, not by your talent
in fact, the so-called talent is the quality of products. If consumers don’t try for the first time, they will never know whether your quality is good or bad. The first purchase of a product depends on the packaging
the wrong points of traditional enterprise packaging:
1. Let the packaging factory design for free. This kind of packaging is very woodlouse, although it saves the design fee, but it lacks the characteristics, does not meet the needs of consumers’ beauty, and has no appetite and brand and category. Br> 2. The determination of packaging has not been tested by consumers, and the boss makes a decision directly. The boss said, yes, this one. This one is beautiful, OK, very good. As a result, the boss is 50 years old and the product is consumed by teenagers. Do they
like the packaging you like? Do you have the same aesthetic as teenagers? If the boss is a man, if the product is sold to a woman, it will make a joke
the professionalism of packaging includes not only brand, category, gram weight, material, color, appetite, various nutritional composition tables, buying points, differentiation, etc., but also cost verification and shape design. In order to save the cost of mold opening, many manufacturers directly choose general bottles and general bags. Of course, the products do not have brand differentiation, and the fixed pin is normal
v. the terminal is out of stock. Most of the products died in the dealer’s warehouse
product investment promotion is only the first step. It is very important to give dealers some guidance on new product promotion methods, which determines whether the terminal sees the goods. Many dealers’ salesmen are not willing to promote new products. Salesmen prefer to promote old products. Old products only need simple unloading. Boss, Master Kang, how many pieces of iced black tea can you unload? The new product communication is: boss, do you want to have a look at our new products? This product Before we finished, some consumers checked out and the supermarket owner was busy. The car stopped at the roadside and went into the store to promote it. As a result, it was found that the urban management came and no one looked at the things
for the promotion of new products, on the one hand, dealers should be fully explained about their selling points and buying points. On the other hand, dealers should also be given more reasonable guidance on the methods of new product promotion and employee promotion salary assessment. Dealers also want to make money. Sometimes they don’t know how to make money. They lack professional management. Dealers hope to cooperate with big brands, which can improve the management maturity of dealers. If they are small brand manufacturers, they should first strive to improve themselves and strive to be dealers’ consultants and mentors, which can help dealers make money
make sure the products are delivered to the terminal before they can be sold. The salesman is unwilling to sell. If he finds it difficult to push and promote once, the product will die in the dealer’s warehouse
VI. emperor thinking. If I think it’s right, just do as I say
there are many YiYanTang bosses in China, but the Internet age needs to win the hearts of consumers. In recent years, the sales volume of many big brands has declined seriously, and the products are separated from young consumer groups. They just make a concept on the packaging, which has been unable to meet the needs of fashionable young people. Wahaha launched Edison milk. I found that Edison is actually the childhood memory of the post-80s and Post-70s. Now the post-90s and post-00s are very strange to Edison, so the product sales will be blocked
packaging has the final say, and it turns out that he is over fifty years old. Most of the drinks are consumed by young people, and snacks are eaten by young people. The price has the final say, the result is that the market does not recognize the consumer, and the consumer does not pay. Products blindly increase functions and have a lot of benefits. Everyone will say how good their products are. Unfortunately, they can’t grasp the consumption points, and the products naturally can’t be sold
we have worked with listed companies to help you promote the new products of sister jujube. At that time, I missed you very much. The company hoped that we would set the model in Henan, because the company’s headquarters was in Henan. Later, after the promotion of big data, it was found that the most consultation was not in Henan. Most of the customers consulted in Henan were consulting to open physical stores. The model market of jujube sister should be set in other regions. Another case is that Henan is the main producer of soda, but the province with the highest consumption of soda is not in Henan
leaders always think they know the company best, but you don’t know the consumers and the market best. You has the final say? Consumers has the final say? It’s easy to talk. If the product can’t be sold, it’s miserable
VII. Propagation error. Money should be spent on the blade, not on the back
an enterprise came to me and said that it wanted to put 10 million advertisements on CCTV. I asked him what the purpose was? He said he wanted to attract investment. I said that your advertising on CCTV can only affect consumers. Not many dealers will go to CCTV to see your advertising. Now the ratings of TV stations are getting lower and lower. Young people are playing mobile phones. Videos are also Youku, Tudou, Tencent and iqiyi. Most of the people watching TV are the elderly, children and housewives. If your target customers are these people, TV advertising will have some effect, and others are basically useless. In addition, there are too many TV stations now, and people’s TV viewing ability is very strong. If you advertise on one station, there will be a group of people watching it

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