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Write an article about Chongqing hotpot

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There should be the development history, environment, varieties, dishes, eating methods, taste and color order of hotpot. Articles with primary and secondary less than 600 words can be disordered (note!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not be blunt expository text

this is a narrative. I hope it can help you

I have visited Chongqing twice and experienced the charming style of the mountain city and the forthright character of Chongqing people. However, the most unforgettable thing for me is the hot pot in Chongqing
Chongqing hot pot is famous for its spicy flavor. It is known as a big pot instead of a pot. In the pot is a rolling red soup, with spicy pepper, pepper and some ingredients I don’t know. In this way, the red bottom of the pot looks numb and spicy, which often frightens us foreign tourists. But after feeling Chongqing hot pot several times, I slowly fell in love with it and felt that it had many benefits. First, it is relatively hygienic. Scalding food in boiling soup has achieved high-temperature disinfection. So far, it has not been heard that there is food poisoning after eating hot pot. Second, it can save food. When eating hot pot, be frugal and free, and rinse as much as you eat, which will not be wasted. Third, it can reduce procedures and make diet simple. If you have a small gathering with relatives and friends at home, you must be busy and tired. Chongqing hot pot simplifies the complex kitchen operation. Just clean all kinds of food, and relatives and friends can sit around a table and taste delicious food. Today, with the accelerating pace of life, hot pot is a convenient and fast food enjoyment. Fourth, Chongqing hot pot has the effect of fitness and beauty. Even in hot summer, many people eat hot pot. Surrounded by hot pot, shirtless and sweating, diners are everywhere, which has become a scene in Chongqing. It is said that eating hot pot is dripping with sweat, which is better than sauna and has the function of health care. Chongqing people believe that eating hot pot is more economical than taking a sauna. Chongqing men are mostly capable and women are mostly slim, which is not only related to the physical exercise of Chongqing people going uphill and downhill every day, but also an important reason to eat hot pot
there are many things about eating hot pot in Chongqing. Nowadays, most of the pots are replaced by large stainless steel washbasins. The middle is divided into two compartments, called “mandarin duck hot pot”. One compartment contains red soup and the other compartment contains clear soup, which are respectively used by those who eat spicy food and those who do not eat spicy food. Eating hot pot is inseparable from the oil dish, that is, put sesame oil into a small dish, transfer garlic and other ingredients, and dip all kinds of hot dishes into the oil dish. It can not only increase the taste, but also cool and reduce the fire
the history of Chongqing hotpot can be traced back to the ancient Bashu period. The local special geography, climate and natural conditions have formed unique eating habits. Chongqing, commonly known as the fog capital, has a humid climate. In order to dispel the cold and dampness, manual workers such as trackers and farmers use local materials to light a fire on a stove made of several stones, set up earthen pots, boil boiling water, put a large number of chili peppers and prickly ash into boiling water, and eat the food after scalding. This is the prototype of hot pot. The eating habits formed for thousands of years have gradually evolved into today’s Chongqing hot pot following the trend of historical development
with the increasing development of food culture, Chongqing hot pot has a thriving business. Chongqing hotpot, which has a long history of Bashu culture, spreads all over the country and even goes beyond national boundaries. It is no exaggeration to say that Chongqing People’s obsession with hot pot ranks among the best in the country. With the development of Chongqing’s economy and culture, Chongqing hotpot will have more and more influence. In the face of Chongqing hot pot, which is so spicy that it is so spicy that it turns over rivers and seas, do you dare to taste it
I will never forget Chongqing hotpot!

Chongqing hot pot, also known as Maodu hot pot or spicy hot pot, originated from the extensive catering methods of boatman trackers on the banks of Jialing River and Chaotianmen in Chongqing in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties. The raw materials are mainly beef tripe, pig yellow throat, duck intestines, cattle blood flourishing, etc. As Bashu is known for its “taste”, “good spice”, and the eating habits of seasoning with pepper and pepper, it later developed into a small vendor who carried the burden and hawked along the street. Chongqing hot pot is rapidly radiating across the country with the spring breeze of reform. From Golmud, the hinterland of the northwest Gobi, to Shanghai, the international metropolis on the coast of the winter sea; From Harbin, the ice city in the north, to Haikou, the capital of Yedao, Chongqing hotpot restaurants are full of them. You can taste the unique flavor of Chongqing hotpot everywhere. It’s really delicious. Chongqing hot pot is popular all over the country and has infinite charm. However, the development of authentic Chongqing hotpot has always been conservative. The technology of large Chongqing hotpot has never been spread, and has always been developing in the form of franchise. The franchise fees range from tens of thousands to millions, and the stores have strict regulations, ranging from hundreds of square meters to thousands of square meters. Regardless of the decoration, the store rent and franchise fees alone make the vast majority of small and medium-sized investors in the society sigh at the hot pot, — only the rich dare to think, do, join Chongqing hot pot and earn the rolling financial resources brought by hot pot
Chongqing hot pot hot food technology promotion service Co., Ltd., with the strong request of consultants and franchisees, has studied the soup and brine blending and ingredients of Chongqing famous hot pot shops for three years, and has made the essence of the soup and its ingredients. The Chongqing hotpot tastes more and more perfect, and the hot pot consumption is more widely. And promote the continuous development of Chongqing hotpot business, make Chongqing hotpot business more scientific, more humanized, and make the whole society more harmonious
it is said that in the 1920s and 1930s, the Mahalanobis brothers opened the first red soup Maodu hotpot restaurant in Chongqing with Maodu as the main dish. During the Daoguang period of the Qing Dynasty, Maodu hot pot began to appear at banquets in Chongqing. During the war of resistance against Japan, hot pot restaurants in Chongqing developed greatly. Hot pot shops were opened all over the streets, including Yunlong garden, Shuyuan, no return without getting drunk, Qiaotou and so on. Based on the evolution of modern hotpot in Chongqing
Chongqing hotpot culture has profound accumulation and unique characteristics. First, it shows the inclusiveness of Chinese cuisine. The word “hot pot” is not only the name of cooking utensils and containers, but also the unity of techniques, “eating” method and cooking utensils and containers. The second is to show the harmony contained in the way of Chinese diet. From the adoption of raw materials and soup materials to the cooperation of cooking techniques, seek differences in the same and seek harmony in differences, so as to combine meat and vegetables, raw and cooked, spicy and fresh sweet, tender and crisp and soft rotten, fragrance and concentrated alcohol. Especially in terms of folk customs, Chongqing hot pot presents a scene and psychological feeling of harmony and hearty integration, creating a cultural atmosphere of “concentric, gathering, sharing and enjoying”. The third is popularity
Chongqing hotpot originated from the folk and sublimated in the temples. No matter it is traffickers and soldiers, dignitar
ies and officials, literati and poets, merchants and agricultural workers, or red men and green women and white haired people, its consumer groups cover a wide range and the number of per capita consumption is beyond the reach of other places. As a delicacy, hot pot has become the representative of chongqing cuisine and the city’s business card, so that people say: “if you don’t eat hot pot in Chongqing, you’re not in Chongqing.”
[edit this paragraph] the characteristics of Chongqing hotpot
1. The dishes are diverse
the traditional hairy tripe hotpot is mainly beef tripe. The authentic dishes of Maodu hot pot are almost all vegetarian dishes such as beef liver, heart, tongue, back willow meat slices, blood flourishing and lotus white, garlic seedlings, onion Festival, pea tip and so on
nowadays, the selection of hotpot ingredients is all inclusive, and hundreds of dishes have been developed, including edible things in the food kingdom. The dishes have been expanded to poultry, aquatic products, seafood, game, animal viscera, all kinds of vegetables and dried and fresh mushrooms and fruits. On the basis of Maodu hot pot, it has developed into clear soup hot pot, mandarin duck hot pot, beer duck hot pot, dog meat hot pot, fat cow hot pot, spicy chicken hot pot and so on. There are more than 100 varieties, as well as Western hot pot prepared for foreigners
pay more attention to the modern concept of nutrition and health. Traditional hotpot is famous for its thick flavor and heavy oil. Now it is scientifically blended to reduce spicy or change the oil, so as to make the nutritional structure more reasonable
2. Unique seasoning
in terms of making ingredients, it can best represent the typical character of spicy hot in Sichuan flavor. The authentic Maodu hot pot is famous for its thick flavor and heavy oil. The traditional soup is prepared with Pixian spicy Douban, Yongchuan Douchi, Ganzi butter and Hanyuan pepper as raw materials. First boil the butter in a hot pot, chop the watercress and pour it into it. After it is boiled into sauce red oil, speed up the frying of pepper, and then mix it with the original beef soup. Add the fermented soybean of chongrong and the crushed rock sugar and ginger, and boil it with Sichuan salt, fermented glutinous rice and pepper
in recent years, beer flavor, pickled vegetable flavor and seafood flavor have emerged again. There are more than 30 kinds of hot pot varieties, including different hot pot soup and different condiments. In addition, there are also many flavor dishes attached to Chongqing hotpot. They can be made of sesame oil, oyster sauce, cooked vegetable oil, soup, monosodium glutamate, mashed garlic and egg white. Dip the hot dishes into them to reconcile the taste and reduce the fire and produce saliva
3. Bold and unrestrained eating method
Chongqing hotpot is unique in eating method
in the old hot pot restaurant in the past, there were special tall tables and stools, under the iron and copper pot, the charcoal was burning, the soup in the pot was rolling, and the diners were condescending, staring at the dishes in the pot, raising their glasses and waving their chopsticks. Especially in midsummer, when the pot is near, you are sweating in the fire. When you eat hard, you take off your coat and go shirtless. Chongqing People’s bold and unrestrained eating hot pot can not be compared with the momentum of swallowing mountains and rivers in other regions. This is the embodiment of Bayu food culture and the expression of the brave and unrestrained character of the ancient Ba Nation and the psychology of food culture
nowadays, Chongqing hot pot has been modernized. Hot pot soup has developed from traditional red soup to red and white soup, seafood soup, medicated soup, sour and spicy soup, etc; There are whole cattle pot, whole sheep pot, dragon flying phoenix pot, dog meat pot, fish head pot, duck hot pot, chicken hot pot, mountain treasure pot, porridge bottom pot and cold hot pot. Seasoning is a clear oil dish, sesame oil dish, dry oil dish, garlic oil dish, tea oil dish, egg white dish and so on. Great improvements have been made in the equipment and fuel of hot pot. The fun and bold style of eating Chongqing hot pot can only be realized by being on the spot and tasting it personally
[edit this paragraph] the origin of Chongqing hot pot
hot pot is a traditional Chinese way of eating. It originated from folk and has a long history
although the container, preparation method and seasoning of today’s hot pot have experienced the evolution of thousands of years, one thing in common remains the same, that is, the hot pot is used to conduct heat with water (soup) and cook (rinse) food. This cooking method appeared as early as the Shang and Zhou dynasties. It can be said that it is the prototype of hot pot
according to Han Shi waizhuan, in ancient sacrificial ceremonies or celebrations, people should “strike the bell and list the tripods” to eat, that is, people gathered around the tripod and cooked beef and mutton in the tripod, which is the sprout of hot pot. After the evolution of Qin, Han and Tang Dynasties, there was no real record of hot pot until Song Dynasty
Lin Hong of the Song Dynasty mentioned eating hot pot in his “mountain family Qinggong”, that is, what he called “poxia Gong”. He talked about traveling to Wuyi Mountain, visiting teachers and getting a rabbit in the snow without being cooked by a cook. “Shi Yun, in the mountains, only a thin batch of wine, sauce and pepper are used. Set the table with an air stove, use half Yao (half hanging son) with water, wait for the soup to ring for a cup (after the soup opens), and then divide them with chopsticks, so that they can be put into the soup (rinse)

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